What Our Customers Say About Us

Amla Juice - It's a good product. Need to consume every day to feel the benefits. As nature takes time to show results but eventually it will show. Have patience, consume every day and results are bound to come. Simply consuming this won't help, tune your diet and feel the change.

Sachin Arora

Triphala Juice - Blindly can buy. Best quality.

Pamidi Vijayakumar

Apple Cider Vinegar - Product works wonders if you are buying it for weight loss....

Glory Nicholas

Wild Honey - I'm a huge fan of Kapiva's products and their Honey definitely tops the list. I'm all for natural, organic and Ayurvedic products and seems like I've found the perfect brand to shop for these without having to compromise on taste, price and even the look.

Gayatri Sethuraman

A2 Ghee - It definitely smells like pure cow milk ghee and tastes heavenly. I'll admit that the it is on the pricier side but I don't mind spending some extra bucks if it's 100% pure desi ghee.


Kapiva Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic brand I have used. They have good quality products which are highly effective. They are effective in curing various diseases and aliments across all age groups. I wish Kapiva all the very best for their future endeavours.

Amita S. Gaikwad

I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. I was in search of some Ayurvedic medicine that would heal my problem without any side-effect. I found Kapiva’s Bael Sunth Churna and consumed it as prescribed. The product was easy to consume and has been effective in healing curing my ailment.

Mehul Shah

I have been taking Kapiva’s Artho Sure Juice for a month for joint pains and back pain caused due to arthritis. Kapiva’s Artho Sure juice relieved me from these constant pains and proved to be very effective. I strongly recommend this juice to everyone suffering from constant body aching.

Pooja Bhoj

I have used Kapiva’s Get Slim capsules and Sound Sleep capsules. The results are clearly visible. The products are effective and heal you without any side effects. The step taken by Kapiva to create awareness about the healing properties of Ayurveda prove to be helpful to people of all ages.

Neeta Dalal

Products by Kapiva Ayurveda are very effective. I have been using their products for all my major and minor diseases.

Neeta Doshi

Amla Juice - We use it every morning with Luke warm water, taste is good and colour is pinky. We add tulsi drops too. Preventive Health maintenance. Good for all age, but be regular to derive benefits from Mother Nature.

Bharat Doshi

Amla Juice - Best medicine for respiratory allergies. Works good for low immune people.

Kiran Kumar

Using Kapiva wheat grass juice since last 1.5 years. I m more than happy with the results. Improved my hemoglobin and my cholesterol levels are also in normal range now.


Wheatgrass Juice - It's a great product for a healthy lifestyle. I have been using it for quite some time now. The taste is unexpectedly very good, which is not the case with similar products. I have become a routine user now and is amazed by its results.

Anita Rani

Wheatgrass Juice - The product stay out of fridge for a long time. The flavour remain constant at least for 2-3 weeks. Packaging is good and spill free. I can easily keep it among my clothes while traveling.

Devyani Panja

Aloe Vera Juice - Very good product. Juice is thick and ayurvedic. Fast result and effective product. Would totally recommend it.

Anurag Gupta

I am taking kapiva aloe vera juice from last 2 years. Previously patanjali aloe vera. Kapiva is better than patanjali because 1. Price is nearly same 2. Kapiva is viscous because of pulp but patanjali is non viscous . By taste also kapiva is good.

Tapan Kumar Mahato

Aloe Vera Juice - Taste is ok. Also has lot of pulp. Worth the money. Best aloe vera juice you can get at this price. Any given day better then patanjali.

Shikha Sen

Triphala Juice - Very good product, super effective! Now this has been a life saver. I have GERD / Acid Reflux making me perennially dependant on OTC medicines. Never knew this could be such an effective alternative. An alternative which is 100% natural and ayurvedic with absolutely no side effects.

Aishwarya Sharma

Triphala Juice - Effective for constipation and skin related issues. Its effects observed after 15 days continuous use.me & my wife are using it and also ordered for my father .

Umesh Kumar Yadav

Apple Cider Vinegar - I've been reordering this product for a while now. Absolutely great and I've been feeling the health benefits over time. I've tried other brand in the past but just seem to like this the best.

Tusharr Kumar

Good quality ACV at a pocket friendly price. Was buying the twice as expensive American BRAGG brand ACV before I discovered this equally good Indian brand.

Rajeshwar Singh

Wild Honey - I bought this to team up with Kapiva Get Slim tea. Love the combination, really rich consistency and love the taste.

Nirmala Maiya

Wild Honey - I loved the product. It's pure honey and way cheaper than any other brand selling premium honey.

Sougat Jena

A2 Ghee - Good product, tastes good. Very few ghee products have Transparent nutrition labels. This is one such. Subscribed for every month.

Prasanth Sri Kara

A2 Ghee - The flavor is just amazing , the real ghee taste sweet and yes can definitely go for it!

Jagdish Khurana